Thursday, December 8, 2011

What's in a name?

I had once noticed that "Shaitan" anagrams to "I, Anshat". And to think we had been calling him Prabhuji all along. A couple of days ago, Amol Patil had put up a picture of himself, sitting in the cockpit of a plane. I couldn’t help comment that "Amol Patil" anagrams to "Maal Pilot".

It was then that Gunjan gave me the idea of doing a blog post on anagrams. I just looked at my last few day’s activity at Facebook for inspiration. Found enough matter to do "a naughty junk on" my friends. After all, the expression was an anagrammatic (if ever such a word exists) way of saying, “Thank you, Gunjan”. So here goes:

I found "Rohit Chawla" had put a FB status message questioning the double-standards of the government in exercising control over Grade C & D bureaucrats and over the Internet. I wanted to warn him that speaking against the government could soon become illegal. But then I stopped myself. Maybe he’s destined to fall on the wrong side of the law. I mean, doesn’t his name anagram to "Lowcha -> Tihar"?

Then there was "Shruti Ordia" putting up pics from her New York trip. Before some <insert random Hindu God name here> Sena accuses her of wearing only Westerns and not promoting Indian culture abroad, let me point out that it was in the best interests of everyone. After all, her name anagrams to “A horrid suit”.

Then you see a picture of a chronic fracture victim who had torn a muscle. Again. I think she should stop introducing herself as, “I, Tanushree Podder” and instead use the exact same letters to say, “Hi. Dud on tear spree”.

And then you chance upon an awesome poem by Golchha. You just can’t help wonder how much talent this guy has. How does he manage all these things? “Hm. Kaise Bhai?”, you ask. He just needs to jumble the letters and answer, “I am Abhishek”. Enough said.

A few days ago Saurabh had posted about starting a band. "Ayan Deb" liked the post. The anagram of his name explains why. “A band? Ye”.

You see likes and comments by Jain "Aashish" and you tend to ask to your self, “Why this Kolaveri D?” “Why this extra A?”. But the answer is neatly hidden in his name. Ayn Rand would have shut us up with, “Shh. A is A.

"Manish Agrawal" had once shared his rendezvous with a random girl. Instead of going into the details, let me sum up what happened by using his anagram: "A gal saw him. Ran."

Post script: The title of this post also anagrams to something about this post: "New. Mast hai na?".

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Vaibhav said...
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Vaibhav said...

How bout we get Mathematics into equation as well.. "Eleven plus Two" = "Twelve plus One" ;)

Tanushree said...

You are too good.. "like!" :D :D

gunjan said...

Yupp mast he :) N its d first time u've mentioned me in any of ur posts... i feel elated!! :)

sumit4all said...

Nicely written dude..

Rahul said...

@Vaibhav - Desserts?? Hungry kya??

@Tanushree - "You are too good" anagrams to "You are good too".. Get well soon ;)

@Gunjan - Err I have hinted at another.. Keep looking ;)

@Sumit - Thanks a lot...

Vaibhav said...

It was an anagram as well;)
Stressed backwards.. :D

bdhaps said...

awesomeness dude!! "HE IS THE MAN, 'G'RAHUL SARAF!!" anagrams to "REFRESHING MAHAUL SAATH" :)

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