Sunday, June 13, 2010

A crook; and something from my old book...

Well this week, for a change, saw me at the receiving end of plagiarism as the article i wrote was copied verbatim by another blog. (Good thing they even copied the first comment otherwise the needle of suspicion could have boomeranged back to me). Well, I'll show some restraint and control my emotions, and give those bastards the benefit of doubt. Maybe they are environmentalists and this is their idea of 'going green' - by recycling the same article.

UPDATE: The article was removed after a few days. Like I said, they were environmentalists and the article probably just bio-degraded.

Anyways I was scanning my mailbox and I managed to dig up a short story I had written quite a while back; thought would share it.

Karan merely managed to avoid hitting a fat lady trying to cross the road as he pressed the accelerator even harder. He realized it was the first time he had crossed 80 kmph while driving, let alone touch the 120 barrier. He tried the phone again but still no answer. As he took another sharp turn, he tried to recollect all the weird things that had happened to him in the last six months. It all started when he purchased a weird looking second-hand television set from an even weirder looking man; a bit too cheap he had thought. He soon found, much to his horror (and later to his amazement) that the TV aired the programmes an hour earlier than their stipulated time. He used it to gamble on cricket matches and horse races and had carved a fortune for himself. He had never been happier; having a bank balance he had never even dreamt off and was soon to tie the nuptial knot with his fiancĂ©, Anjalee, a TV reporter. But all that changed 55 minutes earlier. He wiped the sweat off his face as he remembered watching the 'live' coverage of Anjalee's show in marine drive - on the very place he had popped the question to her. He recollected the day when he had gone on one knee and professed his love to her - she had just smiled then, but that had been enough. Today in the TV show, just as she was signing off, wearing the same smile, a long black car had driven straight into her and the next thing the camera showed was blood - all over. He found something strange about the car but could not recall what it was. He tried calling her one more time to warn her of the impending danger but no response again. He glanced at his watch – the accident would happen anytime. As he loudly uttered another swear word, to noone in particular, he did not notice the bus in front of him. Without warning, he steered left and crashed into something. When he gained senses a few minutes later, he found himself sitting in his black BMW with a pool of blood around the car. Just then it struck him what was so strange about the car he had seen in his TV.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The epilogue

So my first article is finally out (my grammar teacher would definitely argue that this was my fourth article considering that she had already taught me ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’). In 22 hours it already has 324 views which I deem quite an achievement because I personally refreshed the page just 311 times. It means 13 of them were actually genuine readers (now atleast my mathematics teacher is going to be very proud of me for this flawless computation).

There is one mistake in the article which I realized only after submitting the piece. Saurabh Tiwari has been picked for the squad which will tour Sri Lanka, and not Bangladesh. The site hasn’t bothered to correct it as yet despite me contacting them. So if any body of you have booked tickets for Bangladesh after reading the story, please change it immediately. I offer my apologies (it is as unconditional as Ravindra Jadeja’s).

Another joke on the same lines, just for this blogger page:

Once Yuvraj used to lift weights, now he is the weight.

All said and done, I think we all know what Yuvraj is capable of doing when he is on song. So here's a prayer for him - Yuvraj, sing!!

Thanks once again to whoever read the article. It does feel good. :) Will try and come up with more.

Enjoy maadi!!!

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