Thursday, December 24, 2009


After being absent from this space for a long time (for various reasons), just thought should do a ‘quickie’, my last of the year (* conditions apply). And all thanks to the wi-fi connection at the Bengaluru International Airport – I’m on my way to Shillong, ‘The Scotland of the East’ - home sweet home. After reading this more people will realize that the new airport wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Sitting at the airport, I see three people of different shapes and sizes sitting directly opposite me. From whatever I could gather from their conversation, it seems they are plotting a new state. Maybe the theme of their state is going to be unity in diversity. But to think of it, don’t know how successful KCR will be in his bid for Telangana, but he has managed to establish a new nation wide state all right – a state of chaos.

Anyways the last month has been marked by a state of adventure for me too. I had the honour of attending a wedding… and this time I was invited for it… by both the groom and the bride. This surely brought back memories of all the “Farji Marriages” we used to attend back in the good old college days. Well, of course the marriages were not farji; we, as guests, were. But I can only present my own perspective of things. Anyways getting two invites for the same marriage seemed like a luxury. Well, let’s just say that I have graduated well!

And talking about marriages, there have been a plethora of marriage announcements around me. If marriages are made in heaven, it seems as if ‘all heaven has broken loose’. The latest in the list were Lucky and Poonam. Congratulations to both of them and commiserations for their respective fianc├ęs.

Moving to something I am married to - Cricket, India moved to the numero uno spot in tests. It is reason enough to celebrate but what was shocking and sad was that the board announced cash prizes just for the current lot of players. This feat would not have been a reality without the contribution of the Gangulys and the Kumbles, and ignoring them wasn’t such a good idea (Maybe the cash prize in itself was uncalled for). Another thing that has been making news is the UDRS. I was one of the proponents of this system, even though it meant that the umpire’s raised finger or the shake of the head would not bring the same amount of instant joy or grief to millions that it did before. It will no longer be the death knell. It could demand a situation where a cartoon on a giant screen would have to validate the verdict, delaying the hopes or the fears. But what we saw in the Perth and Centurion tests have forced me to have second thoughts. The tail-enders asked for reviews just because they had it in their kitty. They were testing technology more than the verdict. It really was a shame.

I had the chance of seeing Avatar last week. One word that describes the movie is grand. It is a kind of movie you not only watch, but celebrate. Also had a much needed hair cut – you know its time to cut the crap when a look in the mirror reminds you of Jairam Ramesh.

That’s it from me for now. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy Maadi.

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