Friday, January 28, 2011

The family just got bigger

Ladies and gentlemen, he has finally arrived. Roshni Di and Shekher Jiju were blessed with a baby boy this morning, thus making me a proud ‘mamu’. It means having to part with the tag of being the youngest in the family. With a weight of 3.35 kgs, he is reportedly shorter than me (at the time of composing this blog post).

The family is facing a dilemma whether to follow the new Zodiac Signs or the old ones. The old one lists him as an Aquarian, whereas according to the new one, he is a Capricorn. If anyone knows whether the news of the earth wobbling is true or not, please get back so that we can decide whether he will be shy, sensitive, gentle and patient (Aquarian) or steady, cautious, confident and hard-working (Capricorn). [Info courtesy - Bejan Daruwala].

And please also suggest names for the kid starting with L, N or M. Leave them in the comments section. My suggestion of 'Jammie' as his pet name found no takers :(.

In other news, a mention of Daruwala reminds me that I just came from a trip to Goa - my last trip before the new generation would take over. It was my third trip to the place, and trust me it's definitely not going to be the last. Without getting into too much details, I’ll just say that the trip was legendary (despite some absentees). Had all the absentees made it, it would have become legend-wait-for-it-ary.

This much for now. Got my stuff to unpack and my cabinet to reshuffle. Happy weekend.

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